As a Coach, I combine my 18 years of  Modeling, National and International pageantry experience, training in Media & Entertainment to help women who need to boost their confidence, self development and personal refinement as well as preparing girls who are interested in the Modeling Industry or participating in Beauty Pageants.


My Refinement Coaching Program for girls and women of all ages includes: 

Runway, Posture, Poise, Personal Image, Speech, Commercial Acting, Social Etiquette, Table Etiquette, Fashion Runway, Model Wardrobe & Bag, Makeup, Photo-posing, Agencies & Auditions, Head-shots & more!


My Queens Pageant Coaching is for girls and women of all ages as well and includes:


Customized Pageant Prep Plan, Pageant Paperwork Preparation, Beauty Runway (Opening, Swimsuit, Gown), Stage Development (Choreography), Judges Interview Skills &Techniques, Wardrobe & Image Consultation, Public Speaking, Social Media Strategy, Commercial Acting, Etiquette & Protocol, Makeup, Makeover, Photo-shoot, Head-shots, Competition Mindset & Personal Platform Development! 


Offering private classes, group sessions and online too!

For more information about the Coaching Program:



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